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In the wake of Zrínyi - educational co-operation between elementary schools
Project ID: HUHR/0901/2.2.1/0004
Project acronym: IN THE WAKE OF ZRÍNYI
Project title: In the wake of Zrínyi - educational co-operation between elementary schools
Project website:
Call: HUHR/0901
Action: 2.2.1 Cross-border education, training and exchange projects
Total project budget: 185 453,00 €
EU contribution: 157 633,58 €
Project Duration 01 April 2010 − 31 March 2011
Geographical location of the project: Zala megye, Međimurska županija
Project status: Finalized
Project description:

Deepening and expanding the relations between educational institutions and strengthening the identity of students who live in settlements of Mura-region through the upholding of traditions, the cognition of folk music, folk dance, encouragment of bilingualism. A number of common meetings, camps, language courses, academic and sport competitions as well as educational programs will help to achieve the goal

Project Gallery Singing contest, Molnári Draškovec, 2011 Cadets in Kotoriba Christmas recital 2010
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Lead Beneficiary

Zrínyi Miklós Általános Művelődési Központ
Hungary, Zala megye


Project Partner 1

Zrínyi Katarina Kistérségi Horvát Általános és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola
Hungary, Zala megye


Project Partner 2

Osnovna Škola Draškovec
Croatia, Međimurska županija


Project Partner 3

Osnovna Škola Kotoriba
Croatia, Međimurska županija



Results of public consultation on border obstacles
25 May 2016

The European Commission has published the result of the public consultation on the border obstacles . The results are available in all official EU languages. 
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TOUR PACK - Project Closing Conference in Alexandrapuszta
18 February 2016

The closing conference of the TOUR PACK project  was held in Alexandrapuszta (Hungary) on 15 February,  with the project partners taking this opportunity to present the results of the project, most prominently the joint trilingual tourism portal ...
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