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European Co-operation Day 2014
25 April 2014

The Hungary-Croatia Cross-border Co-operation Programme is joining the celebration of European Co-operation Day third year in a row by supporting the projects in the organisation of events in the week of 21 September. The first dates have already been announced and are featured in the Events section of the website.

The European Co-operation Day (ECD) is a Europe-wide campaign promoting the results of the projects realised within the numerous programmes of co-operation between the Member States and their neighbours.

Under the slogan 'sharing borders, growing closer', programmes all over Europe take the opportunity to present the achievements of their projects to the local population directly benefiting from their impact, as well as to all the European citizens showing them concrete realisations of the joint efforts within the EU.

The Hungary-Croatia Cross-border Co-operation Programme has been taking part in the campaign since the beginning, with numerous project events supported by the Programme in 2012, as well as the Accession Conference, a large programme-level event presenting the results of the implemented projects in September of 2013.

This year an even larger number of events is expected to be realised as part of the ECD week, with the first ones already announced. The planned activities range from conferences to present the results of project activities to cross-border bicycle marathon and the introduction of new tourism infrastructure developed within tourism-themed projects of the Third Call.

The dates and descriptions of all the events are available in the event calendar on the Programme website.


Please click on the calendar for the previous and future events!

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