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Planning 2014: Survey on Co-operation
07 July 2015

As part of the finalisation of the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014- 2020 all organisations active in the cross-border area are invited to take part in the short online data-collecting survey on cross-border co-operation activities.

The Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020 has reached the final phase of its preparation and the programming exercise has identified Co-operation as one of its Priority Axes. This co-operation aims at enhancing institutional capacity and an efficient public administration.

The two most important preconditions of effective cross-border co-operation to be met are the existence of co-operation culture and territorial governance frameworks which can take care of developing and implementing co-operation strategies in a continuous manner.
In order to properly measure the results the Programme is expected to achieve during its implementation period, a result indicator was created. This is to show the number of those entities – public bodies, NGOs, companies, citizens’s organisations and any other entities - which can create new or strengthen joined structures and shared processes to ensure the continuity of co-operation effective in the border area.
In the programming process it became apparent that – despite bilateral desk-research and workshops with the participation of local and national level experts and officials – there is no relevant information accumulated about the exact number of organisations in the cross-border area that are actively co-operating in their daily activities.
Based on the above, we are looking for organisations and actors of civil society taking part in any kind of cross-border cooperation activity, including, but not limited to:
-          local , county and regional self-governments and their undertakings,
-          local and national institutions and authorities located in the programme area
-          civil society organisations
-          labour market organisations,
-          self-governments of nationalities with minority status
-          public transport organisations
In the interest of the best possible quality of the new generation of Hungary-Croatia Cross-border Co-operation, you are kindly asked to take a couple of minutes of your time and fill out the short, four-question survey, avaiiable by clicking on the following link:
The deadline for submitting your answers to the Survey is Tuesday, 14 July 2015.



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