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Hungary-Croatia Cross-border Co-operation Programme's representative project at Interreg 25 years Project Slam
16 September 2015

After having received 13 applications all over the Interreg world, the Jury pre-selected the five project proposals to perform during the Project Slam 'Interreg 25 years' on 15 September 2015.   

Among five pre-selected proposals that were invited to the Project Slam 'Interreg 25 years' was a project Cross-border wine routes ( HUHR/1101/1.2.3/0029), supported within the Third Call for Proposals of the Hungary-Croatia (IPA) Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013. 

The Managing Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the HU-HR CBC Programme 2007-2013 have joined the European Commission in marking the 25 years of Interreg by nominating the project most representative of the Programme to the Europe-wide best project competition. Lead Beneficiaries of all projects that believed their project is the one most representative of good co-operation in the Hungary-Croatia cross-border area with tangible and long-lasting results were invited to submit their applications and the Call for it was published on the official website of the Hungary-Croatia CBC Programme 2007-2013, on 30 April 2015. One project submitted the expression of interest/application and as appropriate was selected and nominated from the Programme to the competition on the European level.

Finally, after the applications from Interreg/Cross-border/Transnational/Interregional programmes were submitted to Interact, the Jury pre-selected the five proposals that will be invited to the Project Slam 'Interreg 25 years'. These were:

ENGAGE - Interreg IV C
At the "25 years of Interreg" Conference in Luxembourg on 15 September, Cross-border wine routes showed in a very communicative way how cross-border cooperation looks like. Although the representatives of the Cross-border Wine Routes project and of the Programme did a great job in presenting this successful co-operation with positive reactions from the participants of the event, there could only be one winner, and the title went to INTERSYC project from the Greek-Bulgarian cross-border area. 

European Commission has published all relevant material of the Conference (included the video of the Slam) at the following Conference page: (just clicking next to Project Slam title).


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