39 Projects Funded under 3rd Call

Latest information announced on the Programme Web site only several days ago is the news many have been eagerly waiting for. Almost a full year has passed between the launch of the Third Call for Proposals and the announcement of the decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) on the funding awarded to proposed projects, but the results are finally here.

After the launch of the Third Call for Proposals in November 2011, largest Call so far, announced by the publishing of Handbook to Tourism Projects in September 2011, the applicants had almost four months to prepare and submit their project proposals. By 12 March 2012, 57 proposals were submitted to the JTS premises in Budapest personally, with many more pouring in through the post during the submission period, totalling at 154 submitted project proposals to enter the evaluation phase.  

The evaluation started in April and lasted through the summer of 2012, with the decision on funding made by the JMC in late September, based on the results of the quality assessment performed by external experts co-ordinated by the Joint Technical Secretariat. 

The final decision of the JMC awarded funding to 39 project proposals, most of them targeting two distinct actions, namely Development of infrastructure for active and ecotourism (Action 1.2.2) and Thematic routes of cultural heritage (Action 1.2.3).

The main specificity of the Third Call was its focus on tourism Actions. Although development of tourism in the cross-border area has been one of the main goals of the Programme since its beginnings, wanting to develop tourism in a strategic way meant that only after the implementation of the strategic project of elaborating a joint Regional Tourism Product Plan other specific initiatives were to be supported.

The long wait has proved to be worth the while, as within the Third Call for Proposals a total of 17.6 million euro was awarded to various development projects in the field of tourism, all of them achieving high scores during the quality assessment procedure.

The high number of high quality projects also meant that no further calls for proposals are needed within the programming period. Instead, a Reserve List was formed containing all the projects that are to be awarded upon possible further financial allocations’ arrival to the Programme. 

Other Actions not reaching the set targets before the Third Call were open to applicants as well, with the total additional funding awarded to those, previously already active, Actions exceeding 3.8 million euro.

A quick look at the statistics of the Call shows that this was also the most balanced of the three calls, not only in terms of aggregated allocations (10.5 million euro will be spent on the Hungarian and 10.2 million euro on Croatian side), but also for the first time in the number of Lead Beneficiaries:  20 coming from the Hungarian and 19 from the Croatian side of the border.

The implementation of the new set of interesting and innovative projects is to start as soon as the contracting procedure is finished. The contracting procedure including consultations with the Lead Beneficiaries is staring during November 2012. The complete list of the selected projects, as well as the Press release and statistical data regarding the Third Call for Proposals can be found on the Programme website.


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