A Proud Look Back

Croatian Accession to the European Union marked an important turning point in the life-cycle of the Programme, bringing along significant changes and pointing to the future of co-operation between the two participating countries. It was also a moment to look back and glance at what the Programme has accomplished so far working on bringing Croatia closer to its EU neighbour.

As part of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance, one of the main objectives of the HU-HR IPA CBC Programme, a programme of co-operation between a member state and a candidate country, was to develop the future member state’s absorption capacities, with the support of the member state’s institutional and professional guidance. 

As it has been pointed out in the Programme overview given by Mr. Márton Szűcs, Head of HU-HR JTS at the Accession Conference, the setting up of the Programme has been a valuable capacity-building exercise, not only on the institutional level, but also on project level, for every single project partner receiving support from the more experienced members of their project partnerships. In that way, the most long-lasting effect of the Programme resides in the stable, good quality project partnerships founded on good professional co-operation and developed through overcoming obstacles and resolving problems jointly. 
The Programme has also been trying to keep growing though the years, constantly working on improving the procedures and practices in order to make the implementation on both programme and project levels as smooth as possible. Going through its own capacity-building exercise, the Programme was taking gradual steps leading it to the Third Call for Proposals, with the biggest and most demanding projects only now starting implementation, building on the foundations laid in the first two calls, and in the strategic document titled ‘Regional Tourism Product Plan’. 
With several projects funded within the Second Call for Proposals still running, the main focus at the moment is on the implementation of the Third Call projects, which are mainly large projects including development of tourism infrastructure, building on the region’s enormous potential found in the beautiful, untouched nature and rich history and culture.

Results of public consultation on border obstacles
25 May 2016

The European Commission has published the result of the public consultation on the border obstacles . The results are available in all official EU languages. 
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TOUR PACK - Project Closing Conference in Alexandrapuszta
18 February 2016

The closing conference of the TOUR PACK project  was held in Alexandrapuszta (Hungary) on 15 February,  with the project partners taking this opportunity to present the results of the project, most prominently the joint trilingual tourism portal ...
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