European Cooperation Day 2012

As an initiative of the ETC community and with the coordination of INTERACT, this year the first Europe-wide European Cooperation Day was organised on the week of 21 September. Celebrating the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) through the presentation of different projects realised as part of it is at the heart of this campaign promoting the potential for closer cooperation between the countries of the European Union. 

Although countless projects and development initiatives are being realised daily within different cooperation programme of the European Territorial Cooperation network, their visibility in the local communities is still to be improved and the awareness of people as to the potential for development of their communities through the cooperation with their neighbouring countries is still to be raised.  Both of these issues were tackled by the organisation of the European Cooperation day in all the countries taking part in any of the numerous and diverse programmes funded by the EU.

As part of this initiative, the HU-HR IPA CBC Programme was one of 72 programmes encouraging and supporting the projects realised in their frame that organised more than 280 different events throughout the participating countries. The campaign was a unique opportunity to present to the public the improvements in everyday life and the influence the cooperation programmes have on border communities throughout the area. The presentations of numerous and multifaceted projects ranged from transport and mobility to energy and environmental issues, from job-creation to joint research and development initiatives.
The event was also an opportunity for the project owners, as well as participants to share experiences with each-other, to learn from the previous efforts and plan new ones for the future.
In order to make their development efforts more visible and their impact on everyday life more apparent to the local communities, several projects participating in the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Cooperation mostly on Croatian side took part in the campaign with different events being held along the Drava river – from Čakovec and Gola-Berzencze in the west, to Sopje, Osijek, Zlatna Greda and Kölked in the east. The Programme took an active role in supporting the projects by promoting and co-ordinating the project events and participating in as many of them as possible.
We are happy to report that the whole-day programme organised in Osijek by Croatian Mine Action Centre, the Lead Beneficiary of the De-mine HUHR project, was mentioned by INTERACT to Commissioner Johannes Hahn at the opening session of the campaign in the European Parliament on 18 September as the example how the cross-border co-operation can bring benefit in daily lives of citizens next to border area. 
Reports from the European Cooperation Day events held within the programme area can be found in the Events section of the Programme website, while the complete list of all the events and the projects that organised them throughout the ETC area can be seen at 



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