Focus on the Projects

At this late stage of the programming period 2007-2013, the main focus is on what the most visible results and outputs of the Programme are – individual projects and their activities. The Programme works hard on supporting the projects during the implementation, but also on promoting the events they organise and visible outputs they produce.

The Accession Conference was an opportunity to promote the achievements of the Programme as a whole, to present to the public the overview of results of the three calls for proposals closed until now in the frame of the Programme. It was also a chance to compare the three calls, share the experiences gathered and to show off several examples of good quality projects that have been supported within the Programme.

During the conference six such presentations took place emphasising the importance of professional implementation of projects built on the foundations of good partnerships, employment of right professional, administrative and financial capacities, but – first and foremost – a good, innovative idea and clear, visible and tangible results. 

Due to the limited time and space, only a few of the 140 projects could be given special attention, while all the others including their results and achievements are featured in the Programme booklet, distributed during the conference to all the participants. The Programme booklet includes a short trilingual description of each project, lists all members of the partnership implementing the project, the financial allocation awarded by the Programme, and a picture representing best the project’s achievements. Wishing to make a deeper impression and in a way to bring projects to life, the Accession Conference also included an interactive exhibition of many of the projects’ results and outputs including a wide range of things: ranging from joint studies resulting from joint research within projects to promotional material, banners, pictures, films, videos, photographs of project activities, accessories etc. 

The 13 latest projects being supported within the third call for proposals, the so-called ‘reserve list’ projects, have not been included in this issue of the book (produced based on the data available end of April 2013) due to the fact that most of them have just recently finished (or are only just finishing) the contracting phase, and are only yet to begin with implementation. All the projects, however, are soon to be made even more visible through the Funded Projects Database feature of the Programme website, which will soon be updated with the information on these additional third call projects as well.

Results of public consultation on border obstacles
25 May 2016

The European Commission has published the result of the public consultation on the border obstacles . The results are available in all official EU languages. 
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TOUR PACK - Project Closing Conference in Alexandrapuszta
18 February 2016

The closing conference of the TOUR PACK project  was held in Alexandrapuszta (Hungary) on 15 February,  with the project partners taking this opportunity to present the results of the project, most prominently the joint trilingual tourism portal ...
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