Info Days and Partner Search Forum 2011/2012

The success of the Third Call and the high number of high quality development projects, especially in the field of tourism was no coincidence. The preparations for the Third Call started in some ways as early as the programming period and continued through the submission period with the organisation of Information Days workshops, Partner Search Forum and continuous consultations with potential applicants.

In order to get the information about the Third Call for Proposals through to as many potential applicants as possible, Information Days organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Information Point of the Programme were held in each of the seven eligible counties along the Hungarian-Croatian border, starting in Pécs and ending in Koprivnica, with workshops in Kaposvár, Osijek, Virovitica, Zalaegerszeg and Čakovec in between. 

Each of the Information Days included a detailed presentation of the Guidelines for Applicants, as well as other documents within the Application Package. Members of the Joint Technical Secretariat/JTS and the Information Point gave out valuable information about different issues regarding the Call, including eligibility of partnerships, activities and costs, submission details. The most common mistakes when filling out the Application Form were pointed out and answers given to many questions of the potential applicants. 
Special attention was paid to the novelties in the Programme cycle, i.e. to the newly opened Tourism Actions and their specific requirements, including the presentation of the Handbook to Tourism Projects and the results of the Regional Tourism Product Plan – the strategic document elaborated within the First Call for Proposals.
The importance of events and its relevance for the elaboration of quality projects was recognised by the potential applicants with more than 450 participants taking part in the workshops on both sides of the border, the most since the beginning of the Programme. 
In order to support quality partnership building, to provide a setting for development of project ideas and based on the positive feedback from the Second Call for Proposals, the JTS organised the second Partner Search Forum in Kaposvár, on 9 February 2012. To optimise the effect, this time the Forum was organised well into the submission period, when project ideas had already been sufficiently developed and the needs for partner organisations clear and focused. The Forum was split into two working groups – one dealing with ‘Tourism’ Actions and the other with ‘Old’ Actions open within the Call. The participants were given a chance to present their ideas and to search for compatible partners on spot.  
As the submission period this time was longer than in the previous two calls, there was sufficient time for the project ideas to be elaborated after the Forum and for the documentation to be finalised. The positive feedback from the participants, as well as the information about the partnerships eventually submitting the proposals and being awarded funding prove that the Forum was another successful programme event, resulting in a number of high-quality project proposals.

Results of public consultation on border obstacles
25 May 2016

The European Commission has published the result of the public consultation on the border obstacles . The results are available in all official EU languages. 
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TOUR PACK - Project Closing Conference in Alexandrapuszta
18 February 2016

The closing conference of the TOUR PACK project  was held in Alexandrapuszta (Hungary) on 15 February,  with the project partners taking this opportunity to present the results of the project, most prominently the joint trilingual tourism portal ...
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